Lynx Grills

Mastering the Outdoors and Unveiling Culinary Excellence

Lynx Grills represents the epitome of outdoor cooking excellence, where innovation meets precision, delivering an unparalleled culinary experience. From the revolutionary Professional and Sedona Series to a range of specialty cooking appliances, Lynx redefines outdoor cooking, providing grilling enthusiasts with cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance.

Professional Series

Designed for the discerning chef seeking precision and power, the Lynx Professional Series stands as a testament to grilling perfection. This series offers a  diverse array of configurations, each packed with exceptional features, setting new standards in outdoor cooking.

At the core of the Professional Series lies the Trident™ Infrared Burner coupled with three Cast Ceramic Burners, collectively generating up to 98,000 BTUs of heat. This potent combination provides precise power and performance, allowing for controlled temperature regulation from 300˚ to 1000˚ Fahrenheit. The Trident™ Infrared Burner boasts 23,000 BTUs of intensive heat, allowing immediate temperature control for delicate dishes or achieving the perfect sear on steaks and seafood. Its direct heating method, penetrating the food from below, exemplifies control.

 Constructed with seamless welded construction and featuring heat-stabilizing designs, Lynx’s Professional Series guarantees steady performance and durability. The inclusion of the Hot Surface Ignition system ensures a quick and safe lighting experience, while the expansive grilling surface of up to 1,555 square inches caters to diverse cooking needs.

Sedona Series

 The Lynx Sedona Series embodies versatility and performance, delivering exceptional cooking capabilities for outdoor enthusiasts. With features akin to the Professional Series, the Sedona line offers an excellent balance of power and consistency.

Equipped with a ProSear™ Infrared Burner and two Stainless Steel Burners, the Sedona Series produces up to 69,000 BTUs, ensuring consistent heat distribution and reliable performance. The ProSear™ Infrared Burner alone, celebrated for its immediate response and 23,000 BTUs of intense heat, provides variable settings, perfect for searing a variety of dishes.

 The Sedona Series maintains a commitment to quality and functionality, boasting elements such as seamless welded construction and integrated illumination. The Ceramic Radiant Briquettes ensure even heat dispersion across the grilling surface, minimizing hot spots and delivering optimal cooking results.

The Lynx Hood Assist system allows for smooth opening, while the dedicated single speed rotisserie with up to a 16,000 BTU back burner enhances cooking capabilities, making the Sedona Series a go-to choice for outdoor culinary experiences.

Specialty Cooking Appliances

Napoli Outdoor Oven

 The Lynx Napoli Outdoor Oven™ transcends the boundaries of outdoor cuisine, capturing the essence of traditional stone ovens. Renowned for its ability to create evenly baked finishes and robust flavors, this oven, capable of reaching temperatures of 700°F, broadens culinary possibilities, from baking rustic apple cakes to perfecting basil pesto flatbread.

Boasting a capacious 400-square-inch cooking surface, this oven offers expansive room for your gastronomic creations. With a preheating capacity of 700°F, exceeding indoor ovens by 200°F, it delivers authentic stone oven baking.

Harness precise cooking control via variable infrared heat, adaptable top chimney vents, and hand-polished mirrored edges that exude elegance. The backlit blue control knobs enhance its modern allure, while the inclusion of a 12¼” x 20” Pizza Peel ensures effortless cooking.

Crafted with a durable concrete refractory interior, it guarantees reliability and consistent performance at a powerful 40,000 BTU capacity. The removable front door secures the cooking space, while interior lighting offers clear visibility. 

Asado Cooktop

 Expanding the outdoor culinary repertoire, the Asado Cooktop introduces a flat-top grill, ideal for preparing diverse dishes like Yangzhou Fan fried rice or mango salsa. Its quick-start capability and easy clean-up redefine outdoor cooking convenience.

The Lynx Asado Cooktop is a culinary gem that redefines outdoor cooking, offering precision, power, and versatility. Sporting two Trident™ Infrared Burners, it boasts up to 35,000 NG/25,000 LP BTUs, providing intense and controlled heat perfect for searing or delicate dishes.

Featuring a meticulously designed multi-layer grilling surface—aluminum nestled between two sheets of stainless steel—the Asado ensures uniform heat distribution for exceptional grilling results. The elegant backlit blue control knobs complement its aesthetic, while the Hot Surface Ignition system guarantees quick and safe burner lighting.

This cooktop’s user-friendly design extends to its easy cleanup, with removable dual grease trays and grilling surfaces that ensure hassle-free maintenance. Crafted for durability, its heavy-duty welded construction eliminates gaps where grease might collect. Offering a generous 495-square-inch dual-zone cooking surface, this cooktop allows for flexible cooking configurations.

Additionally, the Asado comes with an insulated jacket accessory for installation into combustible enclosures and includes an attractive stainless steel cover for elegant protection when not in use. Redefine outdoor culinary mastery with the Lynx Asado Cooktop.

Lynx Professional Side Burners

 or those seeking culinary excellence and precision in outdoor cooking, the Lynx Professional Burners series offers an array of options tailored to diverse needs. Featuring the assurance of a dual-ring red brass burner, these burners ensure reliability and efficiency, allowing for precise heat control from 3,000 up to 47,000 BTUs.

Designed with copious space, the large grate surface accommodates oversized stockpots, providing expansive cooking possibilities. The comprehensive coverage extends to the fully extendable drip pan, ensuring a clean and hassle-free cooking experience.

Innovative options abound with the Lynx Professional Burners. The removable center grate facilitates the use of a commercial-style wok, enhancing the versatility of your outdoor cooking setup. The striking backlit blue control knobs not only add a touch of elegance but also provide visibility in low-light settings.

To add to its user-friendly design, a removable stainless steel cover is included, ensuring beautiful coverage and protection when the burners are not in use. Redefine outdoor cooking versatility with the Lynx Professional Burners, where reliability, innovation, and performance meet in a seamless blend.

Warming Drawers

Designed to elevate your outdoor culinary experience, the Lynx Warming Drawers offer a blend of adaptability, precision, and elegance. With temperature settings ranging from 90° to 220°F, these drawers cater to various needs, from keeping bread warm to ensuring poultry remains piping hot.

 Precision control is a hallmark of these warming drawers. Their moist and crisp settings help maintain the ideal texture for your food, ensuring it’s just the way you desire. The convenient indicator light reminds you when the drawer is operational, adding to the user-friendly experience.

Boasting stunning hand-polished mirrored highlights and constructed with weather-resistant stainless steel, these warming drawers embody lasting elegance and durability. They come fully equipped with two removable steam pans, lids, and steam racks, providing you with a complete warming solution for your culinary creations.

What sets Lynx Warming Drawers apart is their versatility. With a concealed heating element, these drawers can double up as towel or robe warmers, adding an extra touch of luxury to your outdoor space. 


Lynx Grills presents a symphony of technological innovation, culinary precision, and versatility, redefining the possibilities of outdoor cooking. With its unparalleled Professional and Sedona Series, alongside an array of specialty cooking appliances, Lynx Grills embodies the ultimate choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts seeking superior performance and culinary mastery.



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