Alfresco’s Grill Series

Introducing Alfresco – the unrivaled champion of premium outdoor cooking appliances reshaping the very essence of grilling. With an unparalleled array of grills and specialized cooking equipment meticulously crafted to enhance your outdoor cooking, Alfresco stands at the forefront of innovation. Boasting expansive grilling areas, groundbreaking smoking systems, and precision control burners, Alfresco’s lineup embodies the epitome of innovation. With their extensive range of drop-in accessories, Alfresco offers the most versatile cooking experience among grill manufacturers, ensuring every chef’s desires are surpassed in creating the ultimate outdoor cooking haven. Join us on an exploration through their collection, from the monumental 56″ All- Grill to the multifaceted Pizza Oven Plus and everything in between, unraveling the distinctive features that solidify Alfresco as the ultimate choice for enthusiasts of outdoor cooking.

Two features that set Alfresco apart

At the core of Alfresco’s grilling excellence lies the exclusive AccuFire™ Heat System, a testament to precision engineering and power in the world of high-performance outdoor cooking. Crafted from durable 18SR stainless steel, this innovative system is meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled control and accuracy in grilling. The commercially-inspired fire delivery method not only achieves some of the highest temperatures in the industry but also acts as the driving force behind the creation of exceptional grilled dishes. Featuring dual rows of corrosion- resistant, clean-combusting, double-lanced ports and backed by a lifetime warranty, this system ensures lasting durability and reliability, making it a cornerstone of your customized outdoor kitchen for a lifetime of memorable culinary experiences.

Alfresco’s Signature Taste™ Integrated Smoking System introduces a delightful array of flavors into the world of outdoor cooking. This exclusive feature includes a dedicated stainless steel burner, meticulously designed to enhance your culinary creations. The system’s specialized drawer accommodates sizable wood chunks and herbs, while linear diffusing vents ingeniously disperse smoke at a gentle 200º angle into the food zone. This ingenious setup transforms your outdoor kitchen into a haven for rich, aromatic flavors, allowing the aspiring outdoor chef to infuse their dishes with layers of enticing smokiness and herbal essence.

Alfresco’s Lineup

Alfresco’s range of luxury grills is crafted to provide exceptional cooking experiences for outdoor culinary enthusiasts. The 56″ Luxury All- Grill is a colossal powerhouse, offering an expansive 998 square inches of grilling area. Featuring three high-performance stainless steel Accufire™ main burners, a Sear Zone™ ceramic infrared burner, and an integrated Mega-Drive™ rotisserie system, this grill caters to grilling enthusiasts seeking maximum performance and versatility. Additionally, it includes a Signature Taste™ smoking system with a dedicated burner and drawer for wood chunks, dual high-intensity halogen lights, and user-friendly push-button ignition. Available in LP or Natural Gas, it offers optional standard or refrigerated carts for added convenience.

The 56″ Luxury Deluxe Grill is another standout in the lineup, offering 770 square inches of grilling space along with an integrated dual side burner. Equipped with the same Accufire™ main burners, MegaDrive™ rotisserie system, and Signature Taste™ smoking system, this grill also offers the convenience of a side burner, allowing for boiling, heating, and other culinary needs. With optional infrared Sear Zone™ and LP or Natural Gas configurations, this grill provides flexibility for various cooking styles.

Moving to the 42″ Luxury Grill, this model is designed to be the go-to option for outdoor kitchen enthusiasts. Featuring three Accufire™ main burners, a MegaDrive™ rotisserie system, and a Signature Taste™ smoking system, it offers 770 square inches of grilling area. The grill boasts dual integrated high-intensity halogen work lights, user-friendly push-button ignition, and optional standard, deluxe, or refrigerated carts for added versatility.

Stepping down in size, the 36″ Luxury Grill still packs a punch with three Accufire™ main burners, a MegaDrive™ rotisserie system, and a Signature Taste™ smoking system, providing 660 square inches of grilling space. It includes dual integrated high-intensity halogen work lights, user-friendly push-button ignition, and options for an infrared Sear Zone™ or a standard cart.

Lastly, the 30″ Luxury Grill may be compact, but it doesn’t compromise on performance. With two Accufire™ main burners, a MegaDrive™ rotisserie system, and a Signature Taste™ smoking system, it offers 542 square inches of grilling area. It features dual integrated high-intensity halogen work lights, user-friendly push-button ignition, and optional infrared Sear Zone™ or a standard cart for customization.

Specialty Cooking Appliances

Beyond grills, Alfresco offers an array of specialty cooking appliances designed to complement outdoor kitchens. The Pizza Oven Plus is engineered to be a high-performing gas-fired oven, preheating in 15 minutes and reaching extreme temperatures for baking, roasting, and achieving perfect Neapolitan pizzas. It includes features like a fireplace-like gas log for accelerated preheating, a 3/4″ thick ceramic slab hearth and ceiling, halogen oven light, and a countertop rear exhaust. Made of all 304 18-8 heli-arc welded stainless steel, it offers a full 8.5″ opening with stainless steel-framed glass doors and Alfresco’s exclusive natural air-cooling plenum.

The Versa Power™ cooking system is a versatile addition to the outdoor kitchen, offering an exceptional heating range from 400 to 65,000 BTUs. This adaptable appliance comes with a unique double burner system, allowing precision control for various cooking needs. It is designed for use as a European French Top, providing flexibility and power in outdoor cooking spaces.

Alfresco’s Side Burners are designed to complement grills by offering additional cooking capabilities like boiling, heating, and simmering. Featuring dual high-performance burners with 110V electronic ignition, these side burners provide restaurant-grade power and control. With precision knob lighting, recessed tops, and stainless steel covers, they offer protection from wind and outdoor elements.

Finally, the Dual-Zone Griddle introduces a new dimension to outdoor cooking experiences. Constructed with commercial-grade stainless steel, this griddle offers a dual-zone thermostatically-controlled cooking surface for precise and even heating. Featuring a 3/8″ solid steel cooking surface, precision knob lighting, and stainless steel covers for added protection, it is available as a built-in unit or on a cart with under storage and dual side trays.

Drop-In Accessories Like No Other

Alfresco’s commitment to outdoor cooking innovation extends beyond the conventional grill experience, offering a range of remarkable accessories that transform your outdoor space into a multifunctional culinary haven. Among the impressive array of accessories are four standout grill enhancements that enhance your alfresco cooking adventures.

The Steamer/Fryer/Pasta Cooker stands out as a versatile addition to your Alfresco grill, allowing for a seamless transition between grilling and steaming. With this accessory, your grill becomes a dynamic cooking station. From the delightful sizzle of golden tempura vegetables and crispy calamari rings to the delicate steaming of fresh vegetables and shellfish, this accessory is the epitome of cooking versatility. Whether blanching, steaming, frying, or broiling, Alfresco’s multifunctional accessory expands your grilling horizons, offering versatility that’s unmatched.

For those seeking to infuse a distinctive smoky flavor into their culinary creations, the Solid Fuel Insert emerges as a game- changer. This ingenious accessory transforms your Alfresco grill, enabling the use of alternate fuel sources such as wood or lump charcoal. By inserting this accessory into your grill and adding your preferred solid fuel, you unlock a whole new realm of smoky, authentic flavors that enrich your dishes with a rustic, wood-fired essence.

The Commercial Griddle accessory seamlessly extends your Alfresco grill’s capabilities, inviting you to explore the world of flat- top cooking. Crafted from solid stainless steel, this griddle provides an expansive, evenly heated surface perfect for preparing diner-style pancakes, sizzling fajitas, or mouthwatering smash burgers. Its durability, even heat dispersion, and versatility make it an indispensable addition to any outdoor kitchen enthusiast’s arsenal.

Finally, the Indirect Roasting Pod embodies the elegance of indirect heat cooking within your Alfresco grill. Removing the cooking grate and replacing it with this pod creates an ideal environment for slow-roasting meats or preparing succulent dishes. As it harnesses the grill’s high heat capabilities for indirect roasting, this accessory ensures tender, juicy results every time. Additionally, using a drip pan underneath allows for the creation of sumptuous sauces and gravies, enhancing your roasting experience to gourmet levels.

Alfresco’s suite of grill accessories encapsulates their commitment to culinary excellence, empowering outdoor cooking aficionados to explore a diverse range of cooking techniques and flavors right in their backyard. Each accessory is meticulously crafted to expand your grill’s capabilities, transforming it into a versatile, full-fledged outdoor kitchen, and enabling the creation of delectable, restaurant-quality dishes.

Alfresco’s range of luxury grills and specialty appliances is a testament to innovation and precision in outdoor cooking. From the expansive 56″ All-Grill to the compact yet powerful 30″ Luxury Grill, each product caters to various culinary needs with finesse. The inclusion of accessories like the Dual-Zone Griddle, Side Burners, and unique drop-in options such as the pasta cooker, solid fuel insert, commercial griddle, and indirect roasting pod further accentuates the adaptability and innovation of Alfresco’s outdoor cooking solutions. Alfresco’s commitment to quality, advanced technology, and the pursuit of culinary excellence makes their products a sought-after choice for those seeking the pinnacle of outdoor cooking sophistication and performance. Whether hosting a grand outdoor feast or enjoying a cozy family gathering, Alfresco’s appliances and accompanying drop-in accessories are engineered to lift every cooking experience to extraordinary heights.



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