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Located in Esplanade Palmer Ranch on Cicerone St, in SE Sarasota.

This is a Polymer Kitchen with Quaker-style cabinets in color Ash, featuring an AOG Grill and refrigerator appliance package with a Tradewind 1200 cfm vent hood.

Brooksgrove Dr., in Legacy Estates.

This two-art project was done in Naturekast Contempo cabinets, finished in Arctic Slate, trimmed with Anodized Stainless Steel, and a Hestan Appliance package. The client returned for the installation of a second unit to create a mini bar area.

On Bartolomeo St. in Esplanade Palmer Ranch

The client had two previous attempts by other companies to make a kitchen work without success, so hired us to do the final transformation. We supplied a custom Polymer kitchen in the Winter Gray color with Sarasota flat-panel door style featuring a Fire Magic appliance package.

Located on Bartolomeo Dr. in Esplanade Palmer Ranch

This is a polymer kitchen in Ash Color and Quaker style cabinets with a Fire Magic grill package, including an upgraded Marvel refrigerator and icemaker for outdoor entertainment needs.

Located at the Reserve in Twin Rivers

Polymer Quaker-style cabinets in Winter Gray featuring a Blaze grill package, a large sink, and a charcoal-fuel “Large Green Egg” for cooking flexibility

A project on Cicerone St. in Esplanade Palmer Ranch

Features an L-shaped kitchen with Polymer Quaker-style cabinets upgraded in Brushed Steel color, AOG grill, large sink, split-level bar, and a two-drawer refrigerator for dispensing beverages

A project in Oyster Bay

This project features an upgraded wood-grain effect in Whitewash color Polymer cabinets with a Sarasota door style, ideal for that coastal location, and an upgrade to a Blaze 4 Profesional gill while recycling the original hood and refrigerator.


Bill Lynch

Super selections. Great pricing. Very knowledgeable staff. Andrew was extremely helpful.

Kathleen Adams

Andrew did a great job designing our outdoor kitchen, and Brian made sure everything was installed perfectly. So happy with the workmanship. It is really beautiful.

Seymour Slatkin

Phenomenal selection of high quality grills, hoods, refrigerators, and sinks for an outdoor kitchen. Incredible detail to function and design. They showed up on time as promised for every step: cabinets, granite, electrical, plumbing and gas line, orchestrated perfectly. Brian did an amazing job. I am OCD and he exceeded my expectations. The entire job was smooth and on time. Bravo. Thank you very much. Well done. Highly recommended!

Jim Cobb

Very professional! They did a fantastic job on our outdoor kitchen. Jim Cobb

Ann Madden

My wife and I traveled all over Sarasota County looking for a company to create a great outdoor grill area on our lanai. After many disappointing visits to big box stores and local vendors, someone recommended American Grill and Hearth. Having no prior experience, we went to the store on Clark Rd. This is the best decision we could have made. From the moment we met Andrew to the last day of installation, their team demonstrated professionalism. They made drawings of our desired location, and when completed, it matched. Their subcontractors for gas and plumbing were top-notch. Brian guided me through the process from start to finish. Do not plan an outdoor kitchen without their expertise!

Denise Desilva

American Grill and Hearth completed our outdoor kitchen, and we are extremely happy with the results. We began working with Andrew in January before our house was completed. From his initial design to completion, the process was comprehensive. When Brian came for the final measurements, he made a couple of recommendations, which made the cabinet space bigger. Jay and Ty were great in installing the equipment, and Brian did a great job hooking up the gas. All schedules were adhered to, and the job was done ahead of time. I highly recommend American Grill and Hearth. They are professional, highly knowledgeable, and sell a high-quality product.

Jeff Manning

American Grill and Hearth designed and installed our outdoor kitchen. It turned out great and has been “well tested” with countless outdoor cooking adventures. Thanks for your expert design and service!

Douglas Gee

Prices were as reasonable or better than online. Andrew was superb, helping us make selections and giving us advice. Jay provided excellent delivery and prep. Brian delivered outstanding service. Strong team!

Harald Hvideberg

I purchased my two Big Green Eggs from this place a while ago. It has since been my favorite grilling supply store in Sarasota. The staff is amiable and knowledgeable. I recently noticed a crack in the Egg’s firebox. So I stopped by the store, and they did all the warranty work for me. All I had to do was email them a picture. The replacement part arrived quickly. Awesome service!

Michael Smith

We made the right decision going with American Grill & Hearth. Andrew listened to our ideas and perfectly put a design that fits the outdoor area. Working with them was a breeze. They put a schedule together, and put us in contact with the electrician and plumber to do the needed work. One of the owners, Bryan, came at the tail end of the job to put the finishing touches and made sure we were happy with the results. Great job by all. Now time for grilling and chilling.

Pierre Blackwin

The store is located in the East part of the shopping center, which can be accessed by Swift or Clark Rd (Stickney Pt.) The staff was friendly and knowledgeable in everything, ranging from real and faux fireplaces, and outdoor grill/cooking/storage. If you didn’t want/need an outdoor kitchen before heading into their store, you soon will. They have several various setups and displays of grills, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens. The prices range from moderate to high, based on quality and brand name. It’s a cool shop, and you should check it out if you’re in the area.

Telephone: (941) 925-3985