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Located in Esplanade Palmer Ranch on Cicerone St, in SE Sarasota.

This is a Polymer Kitchen with Quaker-style cabinets in color Ash, featuring an AOG Grill and refrigerator appliance package with a Tradewind 1200 cfm vent hood.


Brooksgrove Dr., in Legacy Estates.

This two-art project was done in Naturekast Contempo cabinets, finished in Arctic Slate, trimmed with Anodized Stainless Steel, and a Hestan Appliance package. The client returned for the installation of a second unit to create a mini bar area.


On Bartolomeo St. in Esplanade Palmer Ranch

The client had two previous attempts by other companies to make a kitchen work without success, so hired us to do the final transformation. We supplied a custom Polymer kitchen in the Winter Gray color with Sarasota flat-panel door style featuring a Fire Magic appliance package.

Located on Bartolomeo Dr. in Esplanade Palmer Ranch

This is a polymer kitchen in Ash Color and Quaker style cabinets with a Fire Magic grill package, including an upgraded Marvel refrigerator and icemaker for outdoor entertainment needs.

Located at the Reserve in Twin Rivers

Polymer Quaker-style cabinets in Winter Gray featuring a Blaze grill package, a large sink, and a charcoal-fuel “Large Green Egg” for cooking flexibility

A project on Cicerone St. in Esplanade Palmer Ranch

Features an L-shaped kitchen with Polymer Quaker-style cabinets upgraded in Brushed Steel color, AOG grill, large sink, split-level bar, and a two-drawer refrigerator for dispensing beverages

A project in Oyster Bay

This project features an upgraded wood-grain effect in Whitewash color Polymer cabinets with a Sarasota door style, ideal for that coastal location, and an upgrade to a Blaze 4 Professional grill while recycling the original hood and refrigerator.