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Echelon Diamond vs Aurora Series A Comprehensive Comparison

Embark on an exploration of two top-tier grilling solutions from Fire Magic: the Echelon Diamond and the Aurora Series. These grills redefine the standards of outdoor cooking with their innovative designs and exceptional functionalities, offering a host of features tailored to lift your grilling experience. Let’s dive deep into each grill series, delving into their unique attributes and distinct capabilities that make them stand out in the world of premium outdoor cooking appliances.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond

Representing the pinnacle of outdoor grilling sophistication, the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond is a testament to performance, Elegance, and cutting-edge technology. Its sleek appearance, highlighted by a unique contoured face and an optional Magic View window, is complemented by state-of-the-art features designed to redefine luxury in grilling.

The crown jewel of the Echelon Diamond is its touch control panel, which underwent an exciting evolution for the 2024 models, now boasting a black glass touchscreen operation. This advancement allows for precise heat control, enabling you to grill fish, steaks, vegetables, and more with unparalleled temperature accuracy. Integrated smart technology empowers users with remote control capabilities via a smartphone, ensuring maximum convenience and control.

A defining feature of the Echelon Diamond is its diamond sear cooking grids, a patented design with bars boasting a smooth flat top that optimally transfers heat from the burners to the cooking surface. This ensures faster and more even cooking, perfecting the searing of meats and vegetables alike. Complementing this, the flavor grids disperse heat evenly and vaporize food juices, reducing flare-ups and simplifying cleaning.

Underpinning the Echelon Diamond’s performance are the cast stainless steel burners, a robust set of 304 grade burners boasting a substantial lifetime warranty. The burners, designed with a protective lip above the ports, prevent grease clogging and ensure durability for the long haul. Additionally, this grill series incorporates internal halogen lights for enhanced visibility during evening grilling sessions. The Echelon Diamond isn’t just about exceptional grilling; it’s also about precision cooking.

Equipped with a digital meat probe, chefs can monitor internal meat temperature directly from the grill’s face or via a smartphone device. Furthermore, its recessed infrared backburner, encased in stainless steel mesh, offers efficient ceramic heating for superior rotisserie grilling. The grill also boasts the Echelon Drip Tray, built with ball bearings for easy handling and cleanup.

Fire Magic Aurora Series

The Fire Magic Aurora Series encapsulates excellence in design and engineering, presenting a grill that embodies versatility, longevity, and culinary finesse. Sharing numerous features with its Echelon Diamond sibling, the Aurora grill is crafted to offer a compelling grilling experience with its robust functionalities and durable construction. At the core of the Aurora Series are the diamond sear cooking grids, mirroring the exceptional design found in the Echelon Diamond. These grids feature bars with a smooth flat top, optimizing heat transfer for faster and more uniform cooking, ensuring deliciously seared food each time.

The flavor grids in the Aurora Series, much like its counterpart, facilitate unobstructed heat distribution, vaporizing food juices, an reducing flare-ups. Cleaning and maintenance are made effortless, adding to the overall convenience of the grilling experience. Similar to the Echelon Diamond, the Aurora Series integrates cast stainless steel burners, constructed from 304-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and backed by a lifetime warranty. These burners, designed with protective lips above the ports, offer longevity by preventing grease clogging.

Another notable feature is the analog thermometer with a polished stainless steel bezel embedded in the hood for easy and attractive temperature monitoring. The Aurora Series also includes 12V interior halogen lights for enhanced evening grilling, adding both practicality and a touch of elegance. For those who opt for the Fire Magic Aurora, the series offers an optional stainless steel backburner along with a complete rotisserie kit, enabling efficient rotisserie grilling. The Hot Surface Ignition System, a feature in the Aurora Series, provides reliable lighting with the simple push of a control knob, offering hassle-free ignition.

Comparison Table

Below is a comparison table summarizing the key specifications and features of both the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond and Aurora Series grills:

Let’s Not Forget About The Choice Series

Introducing Fire Magic’s Choice series, a line of grills carefully crafted to combine Fire Magic’s renowned quality with affordability, ensuring that every backyard chef can enjoy exceptional grilling experiences. Designed for heavy use in common areas of condos or apartment buildings, the Choice series offers an accessible entry point into Fire Magic’s world, maintaining the brand’s commitment to high-quality materials and superior performance. These grills boast heavy-duty Diamond Sear cooking grids, designed to impart those appetizing sear marks while locking in flavors. The tubular stainless steel U-shaped burners ensure consistent heat distribution across the cooking surface, while the heavy gauge all stainless steel Flavor Grids enhance heat delivery and minimize flare-ups. With a dual-position warming rack made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, you can adjust the position to cater to different cooking needs. The Turn-to-Light Ignition System, requiring no power or batteries, adds ease to the grilling experience. Furthermore, the analog thermometer, nestled in the lid at an ergonomic angle, measures up to 1000º F, ensuring precision in monitoring temperatures. Embodying durability, precision, and accessibility, Fire Magic’s Choice series is your gateway to exceptional grilling without compromising on quality.


Both the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond and Aurora Series grills offer a blend of exceptional features, unparalleled performance, and enduring quality. The Echelon Diamond stands out for its groundbreaking technological innovations, such as the digital underglass thermometer, touchscreen control panel (2024 model), and integrated smart technology, setting a new benchmark in the realm of grilling. On the other hand, the Aurora Series is a robust, durable, and versatile grilling powerhouse, boasting many of the same high-quality components as the Echelon Diamond, providing outstanding cooking versatility and longevity in a beautifully crafted grill. Ultimately, the choice between the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond and Aurora Series comes down to individual preferences and the desired range of features. Whether it’s the cutting-edge advancements of the Echelon Diamond or the durability and quality performance of the Aurora Series, Fire Magic grills are designed to lift outdoor cooking experiences to unparalleled heights.



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