Our leadership

Julian & Lexy

President, Chief Designer & VP of Sales and Marketing

Meet Julian and Lexy, the power couple behind AGH, leading the charge in innovation and excellence.

Julian, affectionately known as JP, serves as AGH’s President, Chief Designer, and Artist. Alongside his fiancé Lexy and their 2 dogs and 1 cat, JP enjoys shooting, cooking, and indulging in cigars. With a lifetime spent on construction sites, JP’s rich upbringing in construction has cultivated his expertise in managing and building large teams.

Prior to AGH, JP worked with ABLE International, constructing Narconon drug and alcohol treatment centers worldwide. His greatest achievement lies in the countless reformed addicts he’s helped, who now lead fulfilling lives with families and careers. At AGH, JP’s favorite aspects include his incredible team and the creative process of designing outdoor spaces. A unique fact about JP? He once playfully wrestled with an actual lion.

Lexy, AGH’s dynamic VP of Sales and Marketing, complements Julian’s role with her expertise. Lexy’s passions extend from traveling to gun training, exercise and devoting hours daily for self-improvement. With a diverse entrepreneurial background spanning finance, fitness, and business administration, Lexy’s journey includes founding a multi-million-dollar finance company before joining AGH. At AGH, Lexy wears many hats, overseeing outdoor kitchen and fireplace sales, training staff, and managing marketing and promotions. Her favorite part of working at AGH is the incredible team and the opportunity to interact with amazing clients daily. Fun facts about Lexy: she’s a retired fitness competitor, fluent in four languages, and went from growing up in Alaska to making Florida her permanent home.

Together, Julian and Lexy form the heart and soul of AGH, driving its success with their passion, expertise, and dedication.


VP of Operations

Introducing Rich, a seasoned professional with a passion for excellence in both work and life. Alongside his wife and children, Rich shares his home with an Irish Terrier. He finds joy in motorcycles, skiing, scuba diving, and diving into a good book. With 38 years of experience in residential remodeling and restoration, Rich’s expertise spans kitchens, bathrooms, basement conversions, and additions.

Having started his business from scratch and serving in the U.S. Army, Rich brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication. At AGH, he serves as Production Manager and Quality Control Manager, overseeing both outdoor kitchens and indoor/outdoor fireplaces. Rich takes pride in working with his team, ensuring every project meets the highest standards. He’s passionate about helping others achieve their goals, both professionally and personally, and values AGH’s commitment to excellence and integrity.


Director of Administration

Meet Carol, a cornerstone of our team with two decades of dedication. Alongside her husband Daryl and son Chris, Carol shares her home with the adorable Luna. Outside of work, Carol thrives in the sun, enjoys 80’s rock concerts and cruises, indulges in reading, participates in bike events, and cherishes family gatherings.

With 20 years at AGH and prior management experience at Home Depot, Carol brings a wealth of expertise. Her role spans scheduling, bookkeeping, HR, and more. Carol values AGH’s familial atmosphere and appreciates staying busy. As for fun facts, Carol’s vibrant personality brings energy to our team every day.

Meet the team

Ty V

Showroom Manager

Meet Ty V., the versatile AGH team member handling warranty, gas logs, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and retail. With a background in hotel customer service at beach resorts, Ty brings exceptional customer care to his role. While still exploring academic pursuits, Ty’s diverse knowledge enriches his work.

Outside of AGH, he enjoys disc golf, fishing, and hiking. Ty’s favorite part about AGH is learning how things work, particularly fireplaces. As a native Floridian from Bradenton, Ty adds a unique perspective. Fun fact: Ty is left-handed and has been bitten by a shark, showcasing his adventurous spirit. With his diverse skills and enthusiasm, Ty is a valuable asset to AGH.


Outdoor Kitchen Sales Manager

Meet Kevin, our dedicated sales professional committed to ensuring your purchasing experience is seamless and tailored to your needs. Having relocated to SWFL with his wife from Denver, CO, Kevin brings over 25 years of expertise from the Rocky Mountain lifestyle. Despite the move, frequent visits back to Denver to spend time with their two beloved grandchildren keep them connected.

Kevin finds solace and adventure in fly fishing, particularly in the saltwater realm, relishing every outing as a new experience. With previous experience in coffee roasting for various establishments, Kevin’s journey has been marked by thrilling moments like summiting the Grand Teton, traveling to Bora Bora, sailing the Great Lakes, and riding motorcycles around Laguna Seca. At AGH, Kevin thrives in our vibrant and customer-centric environment, believing in putting the customer first and ensuring integrity in every purchase of our custom kitchens and fireplaces.


Fireplace Sales Manager

Introducing Jesse, a versatile team member with a passion for creativity and a love for family. Alongside his two boys and their beloved fluff monster, Fizzy, Jesse enjoys a diverse range of hobbies including painting, woodburning, 3D printing, woodworking, rock climbing, kayaking, and indulging in board and role-playing games.

With a rich professional background spanning 20 years in printing and graphic design, 10 years in running a drug detox program, 5 years in marketing, and 4 years in e-commerce, Jesse brings a unique blend of skills to AGH. His achievements include approaching 5,000 5-star reviews with his e-commerce store, expanding his family printing business, and delivering over 15,000 hours of therapy as a certified volunteer minister. At AGH, Jesse serves as a Fireplace Builder Rep, cherishing the friendly family environment. Fun facts about Jesse include his continued use of a 25-year-old email address and his ambidextrous writing skills. With his dedication, creativity, and adventurous spirit, Jesse is a valuable asset to our team.


Fireplace Installer

Meet Jay, AGH’s dedicated fireplace installer, whose passion for craftsmanship shines through in every project. Transitioning from a cook to CrossFit coaching, Jay found his true calling in creating stunning fireplace installations. He holds a degree from The George Washington University, specializing in lab medicine and clinical chemistry, providing him with a unique perspective on precision and attention to detail.

Jay takes pride in transforming spaces, infusing them with warmth and beauty through his meticulously crafted fireplaces. With each installation, he brings his expertise and artistic vision to make every place feel like home. At AGH, Jay finds joy in enhancing spaces and making them truly special with the fireplaces he installs.

Ty W

Fireplace Installer

Introducing Tylon, AGH’s dedicated fireplace installer, whose journey from a cook to constrcutions has led him to excel in creating breathtaking fireplace installations. With an educational background from the State College of Florida Sarasota/Bradenton, earning both an Associates in Arts and Associates in Science, Tylon brings a unique blend of skills and knowledge to his craft.

His experience in construction provides him with a solid foundation in structural integrity, while his time as a cook instills in him a keen eye for aesthetics and attention to detail. Tylon takes pride in transforming spaces, enhancing their beauty and warmth with his meticulously crafted fireplaces. At AGH, he finds fulfillment in bringing his clients’ visions to life and creating inviting spaces for them to enjoy.


Lead Technician

Meet Michelle, the dynamic force behind AGH’s fireplace installations and service calls. Not only does she handle the final touches, also known as “trim out,” where she expertly lays out all fireplace accessories to create stunning displays, but she also excels in service calls, troubleshooting fireplaces and grills with precision and skill.

Outside of AGH, Michelle brings her expertise to the field as a firefighter, leveraging her engineering background to tackle challenges with confidence and efficiency. With her diverse skill set and unwavering dedication, Michelle is an invaluable asset to both AGH and her community.


Outdoor Kitchen Installer

Meet Eddie, AGH’s skilled outdoor kitchen technician, adding the final touches to every project. Responsible for the “finals” on all outdoor kitchens, Eddie excels in installing handles, performing touch-ups, polishing grills, and ensuring homeowners are delighted with the end result.

Beyond his role at AGH, Eddie takes pride in being a dedicated husband and father of three children. Originally from Puerto Rico, he brings a unique perspective and rich cultural influence to his work. Eddie’s commitment to excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction make him an integral part of the AGH team, delivering top-notch outdoor kitchen installations with a touch of craftsmanship and care.


Warehouse Manager

Meet John, a dedicated team member originally from Buffalo, NY, who now enjoys the Florida outdoors and beach lifestyle. John plays a crucial role in our operations, managing a 13,000 square foot warehouse and overseeing inventory for American Grill and Hearth. Additionally, he lends his expertise to assisting with custom outdoor kitchen and fireplace installations, ensuring that every project meets our high standards of quality and excellence.

With his meticulous attention to detail and passion for delivering top-notch service, John is an invaluable asset to our team, ensuring that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes and on-site for our customers.


Outdoor Kitchen & Fireplace Deputy

Introducing Fritzel, a versatile team member known for her problem-solving skills. With two high school sons, Fritzel cherishes family time and enjoys binge-watching Netflix dramas, movies, and indulging in arts and crafts. With 13 years in the BPO industry, specializing in customer service and sales, Fritzel rose to Quality Analyst before transitioning to virtual assistance, excelling in real estate support for five years.

At AGH, she handles inquiries, warranties, and trains new assistants. Achievements include Top 1 rank as a CSR for three consecutive months and supporting her sons. Outside work, Fritzel’s knack for drawing serves as a beloved hobby. She appreciates AGH’s supportive culture and opportunities for growth within the team.

Carlos - Designer Deputy

Meet Carlos, a dedicated team member with a passion for cars, billiards, and a wealth of professional experience. Alongside his child, Carlos finds joy in his hobbies. With 13 years in the call center industry and experience as a Property Manager, Carlos excels in customer service, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and management.

His achievements include purchasing his own house and car, reflecting his dedication and hard work. A unique aspect of Carlos is his early mastery of driving, demonstrating his determination and independence from a young age. With his diverse skills and achievements, Carlos brings a valuable perspective to our team at AGH.



Introducing Hope, a valued member of our team with a wealth of experience in customer service, tech coaching, peer advising, and sales representation. At home, Hope enjoys the company of her partner of 21 years, three kids, and beloved furry friends – Tony the dog and Milku the cat.

As a passionate cook, Hope finds solace and joy in preparing meals, considering it both therapeutic and an expression of love towards her family. Her culinary prowess extends beyond the kitchen, as she’s consistently recognized for her exceptional sales performance, earning the title of Top Sales Expert month on month globally and even being crowned Super Hero of the Year 2021 at her previous company. Beyond her professional achievements, Hope delves into astrology, finding enlightenment in understanding herself, others, and the world – a true Gemini at heart!


Social Media Manager

Meet Ezekiel, AGH’s Social Media Manager based in South Africa. Alongside his rescue dog Charli, Ezekiel enjoys digital technology, photography, and fitness. Despite studying psychology and receiving the academic excellence award, he ventured into marketing, leveraging his understanding of people.

At AGH, Ezekiel strategizes social media growth and collaborates with designers to create engaging content. His favorite part? The warm team atmosphere and the freedom to experiment with innovative ideas. Ezekiel’s blend of marketing expertise and creative flair makes him an essential asset to AGH’s online presence.


Welder and Fabricator

Meet Axel, AGH’s skilled welder and fabricator. Specializing in aluminum and structural steel, Axel boasts 5 years of professional experience. Ambidextrous in welding, he holds a ‘3g’ certification from the American Welding Society. Axel enjoys fishing, truck maintenance, and is a proficient marksman.

At AGH, he relishes the custom nature of each project and values the excellent communication. Fun fact: Axel briefly pursued mechanical engineering in college. With an amazing girlfriend of 3 years by his side, Axel looks forward to potentially adding a furry friend to their family soon.